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Daniel P. Gross

Is this thing still on?

update1 min read

Hello out there! It's been pretty quiet around here for a while now. Life got very busy and I haven't had as much time as I'd like to post new content.

In addition to a bunch of developments in my personal life, I made a career change earlier this year. Following a long search with a few dead ends, I was very fortunate to find a good fit with the Shop team at Shopify. This entailed many changes for me: healthcare to commerce, startup to giant, web to mobile development, office to digital by default. Shopify has much more soul than I ever imagined possible for a tech giant, and I'm proud to be a part of it. As a Development Manager, I spend my time building software (mobile development) and helping people around me grow.

In addition to posting some new content here, I decided it was also time to refresh the visual theme and upgrade the technology hosting this site. The site now runs on GatsbyJS, a really cool and powerful static site platform. I hope to publish some content here soon about the process of migrating over to use Gatsby, and some of the lessons I learned.

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