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Daniel P. Gross


Daniel Gross

Programmer/computer person, tinkerer, avid learner and reader of broad topics (mostly nonfiction), big-picture thinker.


Staff Developer at Shopify


I aspire to move fluidly between programming languages/technologies and have built with many different ones. My strongest at the moment are Ruby+Rails and Typescript+React.


Some things I value:

  • seeking and speaking truth so I can improve rather than just confirm what I already believe
  • the richness, depth, and uniqueness of each person
  • constructive challenges and growth rather than comfort
  • thoughtful, genuine, and precisely-worded communication


My experience with computers started with MS-DOS games around age 4. By age 8 I had my start in programming, if you can call it that — it was really just playing around in QBasic with making the computer beep and stuff. Red Hat Linux 8 For Dummies got me hooked on Linux as a teenager and I got my first paid web development gig at 16. Since then, I've built all sorts of software — on teams big and small, and on my own as a freelancer.

Some career highlights: